Ruben: Please Poochie!!! Let me sleep!

Ugh…well, we are dog sitting for the next 10 days for a friend.  The dog is a very high energy spotty dog that looks like a cross between a dalmation and a greyhound.  Tiny head, huge ass, and very thin legs.  He simply runs all the time and chases anything that he can see in his path.  His name is Ruben.

Our first night with Ruben was not the best.  I couldn’t take any meds for my back so I was already having trouble sleeping and Ruben simply whined the entire night.  He looked out the window, barked at the door and never slept…thus never did I.  Stupid dog.

Mike sent me an email that he took the dogs out and that Ruben ran down the front porch and right off the end.  This would sound like it is not a big deal except that we have construction on the front porch and so there is a 10 foot drop off the edge of the porch to the patio below.  The iron railing was taken down in order to replace the columns on the porch and they are currently at an iron shop being chemically cleaned and powder coated.  Anyhow, no railing means that Ruben just ran right off the end of the porch and dropped 10 feet to the patio.  Mike said that Ruben limped and had a cut on his front leg but that the limp cleared rapidly.  By the time I got home Ruben wasn’t limping at all and was happy as a lark.


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