Marty: Farewell

Just as Marty was beginning to grow on me, he got adopted.  Isn’t it that way every time.  Well, this time he got adopted by a woman who had 2 dogs and one passed away due to old age.  So she wanted another companion dog for her 8 year old dog.  She is a real-estate agent so she spends a lot of time at home.  She passed all of the inspections and so Marty went to his new home at 10am this morning.

Mike and talked about it and considering that Bones is getting to old to defend himself, we cannot bring another male dog into the house.  And considering that Kira has emotional problems when another female is in the house we don’t need another female.  And, considering that I have 11 more weeks of traction for my back, we are probably not going to foster another dog for a while.

Here is a picture of Marty all healed up and about to go to his new home:



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