Bones: Who am I? Who are you?

I heard a thump in the bedroom and got up to see what was going on.  I found Bones laying on his side with his feet sticking out sideways.  He wasn’t moving and so I went to him.  He tried to get up but his feet didn’t seem to work.  I helped him and lifted him up onto his feet but his legs wouldn’t support him.  His back legs have been very arthritic for a while making him walk very stiffly, but now his front legs weren’t working either. Mike said that at 7am when he got up to clean up Bones’ poo in the hall that Bones ate all of his food and was doing just fine.  Bones poos in the house just about every night as he cannot make it to the doggy door in time once he realizes he has to go.  There will be poo from the bedroom to the doggy door every 6 feet or so.  I dislike this, but it is Mike’s dog and Mike is being responsible about cleaning up.

Worse yet, as I held him up, his head bobbed around as if he didn’t know where he was or what was going on.  He tried to hold himself up but he couldn’t even on the carpet.  I called for Mike and he came immediately.  Over the next 15 minutes, Bones gained the ability to stand up again but appeared dizzy and wabbled around.  He couldn’t walk very well, and his head still bobbed around.  His tail was fully tucked underneath him.  I went and got a bone treat and tried to give it to him.  He smelled it and then opened his mouth to take it but missed biting it by about 3 inches.  He tried again and was just biting randomly to get it.  He isn’t fully blind…he can see shadows and when you put a cookie in front of his face, he can usually take it.

Mike got a brown towel and put it under his belly so that we could hold his back end up and we gently carried him outside by supporting his weight and walking him to the door.  Once in the grass, he sniffed around and then just pee’d where he stood.  We then carried him back inside.  It was now about 30 minutes since I heard him fall and he was able to walk on his own but when he got to the hard wood floors, he couldn’t steady his legs.  So, we put carpet pieces everywhere for him to walk. 

Within a couple of hours he was much better and seemed to be able to tell that things were near him and walk around on the hard wood.  Then, while we were in the kitchen eating dinner, Bones came in and did his ear flip thing where he shakes his head, and immediately fell over on his side.  Mike rushed over and picked him up and he was OK.  He wandered outside through the dog door and just sat down on the deck. 

By 6pm Bones seemed to be back to normal.  We locked him in the bedroom so that he would be on carpet and then Mike took him for a walk.  When Mike walked up to the bedroom door, Bones wagged his tail for the first time in the day and he participated in the walk…although slower than usual.  We gated the upstairs so that he couldn’t try to go upstairs and we blocked off the basement stairs so that he wouldn’t fall down.  He came into my office and was restless so Mike carried him upstairs and gated the top so that he wouldn’t try to come down the stairs.  Bones slept in Mike’s office all evening till Mike helped him down the stairs.


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