Babe: A new day at work

I took Babe to work again today.  She was familiar with all of the events and places of the day and so she was very calm and relaxed the entire time.  She recognizes my truck now and gets all waggy whenever she gets near the truck.

We spent the morning in the office working on customer accounts.  We had our executive meeting this morning and Babe crawled up on my lap and went to sleep with her head on my chest.  After the meeting I checked email and then I remembered that I was suppose to eat lunch with the CEO and one of our potential investors.  So, I asked our CFO if he could watch her for about an hour at 1pm.  He gladly said yes, and so he took her in his office and put a note on his door saying “Beware of Vicious Dog!”.

After about an hour at lunch, I got a page from the CFO saying that the dog had him cornered and was guarding his office.  We ended lunch and headed back only to find that it was a joke and she was sleeping quietly under his desk.  When she heard my voice, she got so excited she started howling and dancing around me.  She ran to my office and then back to me over and over.  Our office manager and the CFO said that she had wandered out of his office when someone opened the door and that she had just gone to my office. 

I got a grocery bag and headed out with her on the leash for a doggy break.  She wandered about and then took a good dump in the grass.  I went to pick it up only to discover that the bag had a hole in the bottom and I had picked up the poo with my hand.  Eeeeewwwww.  I put the poo in the bag and rolled it up and headed back to the office.  I took Babe into the bathroom and washed my hand. 

We went back to the office and spent the rest of the evening in the office.  We had a group meeting in the board room at about 3pm and Babe just sat quietly under the table during the discussion.  We left work at about 6pm and she happily pranced across the parking lot to the truck.  When we got home, she growled at Kira and all of the dogs.  I got out their food and loaded up their bowls.  When I put them down, all dogs started eating and all seemed to be just fine.  I left the room and as I turned the corner, Babe left her food bowl and tried to take Kira’s food.  Kira growled and they started fighting.  By the time I got there, Kira was whimpering on the foor with Babe holding onto her neck.  There was no damage or missing fur as we had seen with Riley and Bones a year earlier but Kira had clearly been bested.  I fussed at Babe and she cowered in the laundry room where her food bowl was.  I stood between the dogs and let Kira eat.  Kira ate more slowly than usual and kept an eye on Babe the entire time.  When Babe finished her food she tried to come out but I wouldn’t allow her to do so.  After Kira finished, I let them interact and all was fine.  Kira is now sleeping under my desk and Babe is in the middle of the room.


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