Babe: Back home

I took Babe to work with me today and she pretty much stayed with me like a ghost the entire day.  She sat in my office like she was guarding me and wouldn’t let anyone come in without growling and barking. She never darted at them or anything and simply let people know not to come in.  After I pet on her and they came in, she was fine with them. 

When I got home, Babe got really defensive when we got in the house and started growling at the other dogs when they got near me.  She wouldn’t let Kira near me and started snarling and snapping at Kira.  All of her hair stood up and she wanted to fight.  Kira didn’t fight back and just ducked her head.  I made sure that Kira got lots of attention. 

Babe was eating, but she wouldn’t eat alone.  I had to stand by her bowl while she ate.  I eventually took it to my office because she stopped and got more interested in what the other dogs were doing.  She ate about half of it and then wandered off to investigate the house.  Kira came into my office and sat behind my chair watching the food.  When Babe came back in the office, she started growling at Kira and Kira lit into her for a fight.  There was no contact but both were growling and posturing.  I fussed at both and they backed off.  Babe ate almost all of the food while Kira retreated to be under my desk.  I pet on Kira for a while and everyone calmed down. 

Babe is now laying on the floor in the middle of my office protecting her food and looking a bit stuffed.  She is so thin that you can see that she is full.  Kira is under my desk and everything is fine.  Bones pooed in the house as usual and I cleaned all of that up.  Remy is sulking in the living room and won’t come into the office.  There were no shreaded boxes in the hall so either Remy was distracted by the workmen who are building the rest of the deck or he stole something that I will find in the back yard at some point. 


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