Babe: Almost got away

When I got home today at about 6pm, I was greeted by the normal 3 dogs at the door.  But, when I went to the bedroom to look for Babe, she was nowhere to be found.  My first thought was that Mike had taken her to work.  But, then after a quick look at her crate, it was clear that she had escaped.  She had broken the metal door on the crate and pulled it inside the crate.  I immediately called Mike to verify that he had not taken her to work and then set out to let the neighbors know to look for her.  I called Charlie of Hart and left a message that she had escaped.  I then called the Middleburg Animal Hospital and left a message about losing her.  The next call was to the Middleburg Rescue Shelter and I left a message there. 

I then went to each of the nearby houses to get the word out that I was looking for a dog.  I started with Brad&Karen and Karen started helping me look.  I then went to Jim&Judy and they had not seen her.  I went to Carl&Jan and Carl didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.  I then went to the neighbor behind Carl&Jan and let her know of the dog.  I then headed over to the Briar patch, then to the Jackley’s and drove around Snickersville turnpike.  While driving on Snickersville, Charlie called me back and told me to call Tammy in the office at HART and I did so.  Tammy put out a bulletin to all of the volunteers and local groups to help and she started getting a search party together who would start combing through the area in a circular pattern.  She gave me directions to contact every neighbor and start searching and gave me informaiton about how far the dog would go in specific amounts of time. 

I turned around and headed back down Snickersville and then on Route 50  toward Middleburg. 

By chance I went down to the Middleburg Animal Hospital and happen to catch Dr. Love just closing up shop.  They took the information and said they hadn’t seen anything.  On the way back from Middleburg toward Aldie I got a call from one of the nearby farms that I had visited and the woman said that she had just seen a dog like the one I described and that it was running in the woods behind my neighbor’s house.  Mike had dropped everything at work and headed home so he had just arrived when I called him.  I told him to go look in the woods and he high tailed it to the woods.  Just as I pulled into the gravel road off Route 50, I saw a small dog running parallel to route 50 on Jim’s property.  Fortunately she stopped and looked at me and then hunched down on the ground.  I parked the truck off of route 50 and jumped out to start calling her.  She started to run away and then I dropped down on my knees and called her.  He timidly started toward me and as soon as she recognized me, she started wiggling all over and ran as fast as she could to me.  She jumped on me and covered me with mud.    

I got her back up to the house and let her out.  I called Mike, who was in the woods, and told him to come back to the house.  I then called Charlie to let him know we had gotten her back, then called the Vet and the Rescue group to let them know.  I also called the neighbor back that had spotted Babe and thanked her for the tip.  Mike called the other neighbors and I sent out an email to the HART volunteers telling them to stand down.

She is now safe and sound at home.  I was half mad for this happening, half angry that she might have an accident under our care, and hot as all get out from the adreneline rush.  I stink!  I need a bath. She got yet another bath (that is a bath every day she has been here) and is now drying off.  We will have to figure out some means to contain her during the day as she is clearly able to break out of a metal cage.  In the mean time, I need to find the name of a famous woman who escaped prison…that will be this dogs new name.


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