Babe: You can’t hold me!!!

We went into town tonight for dinner with friends and left the new foster (officially Babe, but she has to get a better name) in the cage in the basement.  When we got home and pulled into the garage, I went to close the garage door but it wouldn’t close.  I tried again and it wouldn’t close.  So, when I got out of the car, for a brief moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.  It darted into the garage and then back out into the fog.  I saw enough to recognize that it was a blond dog. 

Now, Mike is normally the slowest moving human I have ever seen.  He takes his sweet time getting into the card, getting out of the car and doing just about everything in between.  But, when I said “hey!  the dog is in the front yard” he was out of the car in a moment and questioning the situation.  The tone was almost that of incredulous belief that somehow I had done something to let the dog out.  She ran away from us and wouldn’t come back.  With the thick fog you could barely see her.  I turned on the flood lights to the house and she stayed just out of the range of the light.  When I let the other dogs out, they ran toward Mike and then toward Babe.  She joined the pack and they all came to Mike when he called them.  We nabbed her.

That was a scary close call.  She had jumped out of the cage in the basement (which has no top) and then out the doggy door, and likely over the fence.  She was filthy but fortunately she stayed near the house.  Mike washed her up as soon as we could as she smelled like rotting mud.  I don’t know what she got into, but she was sure happy to see Mike when we got to her.


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