Babe: The new pooch of the month

Mike is such a sucker for a dog in need.  He called while at the adoption event and said that there was a new dog that had come in that needed a home because the kennels were full.  I could tell that this one was coming home so I gave in.

She has a stupid name like “candy” or some sort like that, so I immediately renamed her DevilDog on account that she has an underbite.  She is a mix of what looks like a staffordshire terrier and a lab.  Her fur is exceptionally soft and she looks quite mean but she seems to have a really sweet disposition.  She is about 1.5 years old and just got spayed while pregnant.  Apparently the doctor didn’t realize she was pregnant until he had made the incision.

Mike thought she would be a good candidate because she isn’t terribly cute or playful so he figured I would be OK with it.  She is an OK looking dog.  Her butt is huge and she is really bony.  She is very shy and tolerates the other dogs well.





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