Roxy: Little pissant

Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 12:49 PM
Subject: Roxy

Well she pee’d again.  A lot, and it was still warm when I got to it.She
knows she did something wrong (hopefully she realized it wasthe pee) as when
I yelled at her she tucked tail and ran.  Like Kiraand Bones she is
‘sensitive’ and all you need to do is fuss at her.But be ready for her to
pee if you (but more on that in a minute).

I was upstairs working on the
GE machine, I was up there maybe20 min.  I gated her downstairs as I did not
want her peeing atthe top of the stairs again.  They were all quite
downstairs.  I camedown and she jumped of the bed (where she was lying next
toRemy) and greeted me.  It was not till I went into the bathroomto
brush my teeth that I saw the spot…. at least it was on the bathroom rug,
right in front of the shower, it looked like a smallspot, but when I went to
clean it up, it was a lot of pee…  I soakedit up, wetted it again with the
solution, and soaked that up, itshould be fine.

I took them for one
more short walk/run around the front yard before I left (~10:15) and she
squatted right before we went back inside.She went right into the cage so I
think she should be fine as long as she is not left too long.

Back to
the ‘she pee’s if yelled at’.  I set out my bowl with cereal butheld off on
adding the milk as the dryer was about to finish.  I madesure I pushed the
bowl back from the edge.  Well while I folding mypants, I heard the ‘clink’
of the bowl so I ran in, caught her in the act,yelled “Roxy NO”.  Well she
tucked tail and left a stream across thefloor…

I think she will be
fine once she gets the ‘schedule’ down and knowsto come get us and where the
door is, etc.  She did poo on the morningwalk, and I ran her pretty good so
she’ll be tired.  I already have her off leash… she gets so much more
exercise that way.  While Dick did not say that was okay, he did tell me
that she doesn’t take off and whenever she gets out of the kennel she just
stays next to you.



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