Roxy: You gotta come out with me

At 3am I had to get up to go to the bathroom and so I let Roxy out to go outside.  She stood at the door and paced back and forth wanting in.  She experimented with coming in the doggy door but was nervous and didn’t get through the door before making a noise that scared her.  I let her in and she thought it was play time.  I had to force her into the crate to go back to bed.

At about 8am I got up and let Roxy outside.  She stood on the deck looking in.  I had to walk outside onto the deck and stand there at the edge before she would pee.  She seemed to know exactly why she was out there but she wanted someone with her.  I let her back in and she went running through the house as fast as she could looking for other dogs to greet.

Feeding time was quite the site.  I gave her food first so that whe wouldn’t try to get near the other dogs and she went crazy eating as fast as she could.  She inhaled the food and sounded like a pig while eating.  Grunt grunt, snort, grunt, snort snort.  Man, I thought Kira ate fast, but Kira wasn’t half done by the time Roxy was done.

Roxy has the softest coat and looks like a cross between a shepard and a lab but she is fully black.  Her legs are really thick as if she should be a much larger dog but she is small and probably weighs less than 50 pounds.  She knows how to play ball and will chase anything you throw and bring it right back to you.  If you pet her she just flops on the floor and shows you her belly.  She is still in her puppy stage so she is completely submissive with all of the dogs.  She plays with everything, sniffs anything new, and follow people around with a happy kind of look.

This dog is going to be a handfull with all of this energy, but she has such a wonderful personality that you just have to laugh at her.  Much like Remy, it is hard to be mad at her.


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