Foreman: Mike’s note to HART

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 7:25 PM
Subject: Forman’s home visit

Forman’s home visit when very well.  He did better than both Scott or Iexpected, he did well with their 3 year old daughter (which meant ignoringher as she ran around the back yard).  He liked their back yard (~1/4 andwell fenced with Squirrels one yard over to watch) and was adventurousenough to walk around on his own without his tail tucked.  He led me aroundtheir house, including bounding up the stairs, once I motioned that it wasokay for him to go and as long as I stayed within sight.  

Scott gave them a good run down of his ‘idiosyncrasies’.  And they know itwill take him time, weeks, to get comfortable, they seemed up to the task.They both seemed to genuinely like him and good with dogs.

We both felt comfortable with leaving him there.  They will either stop bythis coming Sat and fill out the contract (first choice), or if for somereason they cannot make it Sat we will stop over with a contract.  We leftthem with the large crate (that he has been sleeping in) to borrow as wellas a bucket of food, his bowl, 2nd dog bed, two of his toys, a bottle ofdoggie shampoo, and the Red Folder.  He ran right into his kennel when weset it up and came right back out.  The father instructed the three year old(as best he could) that she was never to go in the cage after the ‘doggie’.We stressed this with both the parents and they were clear on the issue.  Hemay be ok but no sense risking it.

While perfectly fine the entire time we were there, Forman was expectedlyrather upset when we left.  They have our home and cell numbers as well asemail with instructions to call if there is a problem.  They are about 20minutes away (<5 minutes from the PV kennel).  She may call you Charlieasking for a local vet recommendation, the folder only listed emergencyvets.

We have our fingers crossed,



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