Foreman: I may have a new home

I am still sick enough that I cannot go to the adoption events, but Mike took Foreman today as he has done every weekend since I got sick in November.  Well, today a family put in the adoption paperwork for Foreman and they get their home visit tomorrow.  Mike is going to do the home visit and he thinks they are a wonderful family for Foreman.  Everyone at the adoption event was concerned that I would be upset to see Foreman leave.  Much to the contrary… Like Riley, I really would love to see Foreman go to a great home where he has a family that can love him and care fore him.  He is a pretty good dog and has come a long way since we started fostering him back in October.  It will take some adjustment time with him, but I am really glad a family sees that he would be a great pet.

I may go with Mike to do the home visit but it will have to be less than 2 hours total away from the house else I won’t be able to make it.  We will see.


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