Foreman: Almost an escape

Somehow Foreman figured out how to unweave the metal bar that I used to hold his door shut on his cage.  He broke a few more of the bars on the door and was able to break loose the hinge.  But, he didn’t get everything sufficiently apart to get out of the cage.  Man, this dog wants out of the cage.

Last night, Remy finally got fed up with sleeping on the floor and demanded to get on the bed.  He grunted at me all night and fussed.  He eventually fell asleep beside the bed.  He took his frustration out on the house while I was at work today.  When I got home, he had taken the big bag that we put the lint from the laundry in and managed to pull it out the doggy door and tear it to pieces in the back yard.  He then came inside and took pieces of cardboard from our recycling stack behind the trash can and peppered the entire first floor of the house with pieces of cardboard.

Kira’s fish smell is back so I think her infection in her anal gland was not cured by the antibiotics.  She will need to make another visit to the Vet to get this fixed up.

And, finally, I went to Bones’ room only to find that he had an accident in his bed.  That would explain why he slept in the bedroom beside my bed.  I cleaned everything up, and he immediately went into his room and went to sleep. 

What a day!


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