Foreman: My real name is Houdini

When I got home I was greeted by not 3, but 4 dogs.  Oh well, I let Foreman out, and checked for damage.  Remarkably, nothing out of place.  I checked the basement to see how he got out and I couldn’t see a way.  The door was still locked closed with the clips in place.  After a bit more inspection, I noticed that the metal wires around one side of the door were broken in half. 

Well, I checked Foreman’s paws for damage and checked his teeth for breakage and found none.  Well, now I need to figure out how to keep him in the cage.  I went back upstairs to feed the dogs and noticed that Remy wasn’t his usual dancing self.

After Mike got home and had eaten dinner he noticed something was missing from the counter.  He put on his shoes and went outside to find an empty bag in the yard.  Melissa, the lady that cuts our hair, had given the dogs a big bag of dog treats as a holiday gift and we set them on the counter near the breakfast table.  It appears that Remy was the culprit that stole the bag, and then the 4 dogs together finished it off.


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