Bones: A day without poo? NOT!

Mikey claimed that the reason Bones was having problems was because I was not taking him for walks over Thanksgiving or while he was in Chicago.  Well, Mike got back at midnight last night and took Bones for a walk this morning, yet there was the unpleasant hard poo piles in the kitchen heading for the doggy door. 

After Foreman finished his dinner tonight, I let him out and then worked with him to get him to use the dog door to come back in.  He did it with a lot of coaxing but darted through the door when I pushed the flap open.

My shoulder is so sore from the tape backup, and when I try to get the
machine to back up, it fails.  It loads the tapes just fine, but it
cannot seem to back up with any reliability.  After a good bit of investigation, I found a DIP switch on the unit that activated the Differential SCSI interface and hooked that up to the Wide Differential SCSI card in the host computer.  The backups started working just fine.  I can only guess that the board that is used for the Single Ended interface is either damaged or has a problem and by switching to the secondary interface it is working.  The unit has a second bus in it so I could switch to the other bus but it is working just fine now so why go through that.  I am quite happy with a great looking tape robot filled with tapes and a high speed drive for backing up everything.  Not bad for $100 in shipping and $50 for the unit.  Thanks Ebay!


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