Foreman: I hate the dog door!

I got home at regular time tonight and sure enough, Bones had left me presents in the kitchen leading up to the doggy door.  I got to the basement and let Foreman outside then fed them all.  I put them back outside for a bit, and then headed to the basement to work on rack mounting the tape unit.  Mikey was in Chicago for a business trip so I had to figure out how I was going to get this 100 pound unit into the top of the rack.  I opened up the racks and mounted the rails for the unit and was in the process of getting everything ready when Remy appears and forced his way behind me and then behind the racks.  I couldn’t get him to leave.  I pushed, pulled, and did everything I could think of short of moving the rack and he wouldn’t budge.  I came out from behind the racks to see a zig-zag pattern of liquid on the floor.  Well, I immediately knew this pattern as that of Foreman’s.  He walks with a strange gate which causes this zig zag pattern when he leaks while walking.  I was furious and went upstairs, found him, and then shoved him out the dog door.  It wasn’t quite so easy as just shoving him, but he eventually went out on his own power once he realized he could not back up because of me and his only path forward was the door. 

I went downstairs and cleaned the floors and left him locked in the back yard.  I then finished mounting the rails and getting ready to load the unit.  I then had to figure out how to get 100 pounds up 5 feet in the air to put in the rails.  I rolled it on its side and lifted it to my theighs and then waddled over to the hyper-extension rack and set it on the rack.  I then knelt down on the floor and put my right shoulder under the unit and stood up.  After getting balanced, I headed to the rack and by some miracle I got both rails to line up the first time.  Woo hoo!  I pushed the unit into the rails and it got half way in when it stopped hard.  I pushed and pulled on it but couldn’t get it to budge.  Ugh.  So, I pulled it back out and as I did, all of the ball bearings for the right glider came tumbling out on the floor.  Ugh.

I manipulated the unit to the floor containing my frustration which was telling me to just heave it to the floor.  I then went upstairs and let Foreman inside.  He promptly went down stairs and took a dump on the carpet.  I grabbed him by the collar and took him upstairs and shoved him out the doggy door again and fussed the entire time.  I went back down stairs and cleaned up the mess.

Back to the tape unit.  This thing is 29 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 14 inches tall.  It has a label on its side that says it weighs 97 pounds.  I unmounted the rail from the rack, found as many ball bearings as I could, reassembled it with only 2 missing ball bearings, and then tested it on the drive unit to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with the rail or mount.  Nothing was wrong.

I went back upstairs, went out on the deck, got Foreman, and took him by the collar and showed him the doggy door from the outside.  There is a large piece of plywood that we have leaned up against the door so that it protects the doggy door from rain and snow.  I pushed him toward the A-frame shaped opening and he put on the brakes.  I stood behind him so that he couldn’t back up and reached inside to flip the flap open for him to see.  When it swung open he put his nose through but then pulled back.  I repeated it and he darted through the door.  This time he ran to the bedroom and got in his cage.  I crawled in and consoled him and then took him back outside through the glass doors and repeated the external entrance to the doggy door.  This time Remy pushed the flap open and it made a noise and Foreman got scared.  I stood there with him and pushed the flap open and he darted through. 

OK, enough teaching the dog about the dog door.  I put the rail back on the rack, hoisted the unit back on my shoulder, and by some miracle, was able to get the unit in the rails on the second try.  I carefully pushed it back and made sure that the ball bearing slider was alighned and pushed it back into the rack.  Voila…perfect!  I then got everything cabled up and headed to bed.  Man, my shoulder is really hurting something awful!


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