Foreman: Pay attention…. or I’ll poo!

I bought a tape backup unit for the servers for this site and it finally arrived today.  Weighs 100 pounds without the box.  I let the dogs out and then fed them and proceeded to work on the tape drive.  I poweered it up and all was well but it did not pass its self test.  So I took it completely apart and deciphered the mechanism that drives the robot arm.  After about 3 hours of obscessing over it I concluded that a small black piece of plastic that was about 1/4 inch square was broken off of the robot arm and thus never triggered a sensor to tell it the position of the arm.  A little creative engineering and I had a $3000 robot working again and I had only paid $50 for the unit.  Nice!

My excitement over fixing the robot was soon spoiled when I went to check on the dogs who were all upstairs.  I thougth that was odd in that Remy and Kira almost always stay in the basement with me when I am working on stuff.  As I entered the carpeted area where the pool table is I quickly realized why they were gone.  Foreman had taken a big dump in the middle of the basement.  He had already pooed after dinner but for some reason had to go again.  I wish this dog could learn to bark like Kira or take himself out the doggy door.  Ugh.


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