Foreman: Pop goes the weasel

We had quite a party last night with about 45 people showing up. From about 6pm till 8pm all were in the house and Foreman hid in corners and under tables hiding from everyone.  He didn’t want to stay in his cage or in the bedroom and decided that Mike was a good refuge amongst all of the people.  He eventually settled behind the bar where he could have protection but still see everyone.

At about 8pm we started the bonfire.  I put Foreman on one of the leashes that winds out about 15 feet and he gingerly came out to the fire with me.  Once there he was scared to death of everything.  Since the entire yeard is fenced, we were not worried about Kira, Bones, or Remy but I still worry that Foreman will get spooked and jump the fence so he stayed on the leash the entire evening.  We have collars for the Kira, Bones, and Remy that have batteries in them making the collars glow.  In the dark of the field it was really interesting seeing the glowing collars dancing around the field as they played and chased rocks that people were throwing for them.

After about 30 minutes of being outside, I went back to the house to check on everything and took Foreman with me.  He seemed really excited to be back in the house and as soon as he was off the leash, he high tailed it up to the bedroom to his crate.  I couldn’t get him to come back out to get on the leash so I locked him in the upstairs and went back to the fire.  30 minutes later I came back in and he was quite excited at the opportunity to get back on the leash to go outside.  This time he wasn’t shy at all and intermingled with the people and other dogs without fear. 

This morning I cleaned up the house and put all of the food on the counters.  We put the padded mouse traps on the counter in front of the buns.  Since we haven’t had an incident of counter surfing out of Remy, I didn’t expect to catch a dog.  But, at about 6pm Foreman came running through the house with his tail between his legs.  I went to the kitchen to check the counter to find that the trap had been tripped.  I reset it and then searched for Foreman.  He was hiding under Mikey’s desk.


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