Riley: Update on Riley

Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006
9:00 AM


I?m sorry it has been so long since
I?ve written (since your visit), October is Fire Prevention Month and it?s been
a bit crazy around here!

Anyway, I had a really nice visit
with you guys?.and I think Riley did too!  He continues to be just a wonderful
addition to our family.  We love him to death.  We did have on real scare with
him I wanted to share?.as kind of a truth is stranger than fiction

We were starting to leave him out of
his crate, but still confined to Ryan?s room while we were out for short
errands.  One evening we did just that.  We were only going to be gone for maybe
an hour.  We went through Ryan?s room and put away anything we thought might be
tempting or dangerous in any way.  While we were gone?Riley dragged a large bag
of guinea pig food (which was up on Ryan?s desk) down to the floor and proceeded
to eat roughly 2-3 lbs of food pellets.  This wasn?t immediately apparent when
we came home?..until Riley started projectile vomiting this green ?stuff??I sent
Ryan up to check to see if anything looked eaten or if Riley had been sick in
his room.  Riley continue to vomit??  After about the third spewing and the
discovery of the chowing down of the guinea pig food, I called the emergency
vet.  He put me in touch with a poison control center for animals (and the

University of
Indiana I believe).  I
contacted them immediately and gave them Riley?s information, his health
history, the contents of the guinea pig food, etc.  They then told me how to
treat him.  I had to get him to drink ½ cup of white vinegar (to make him vomit
out the rest of the food).  He loved it ? lapped it right up?..then I had to
withhold food and water for 2 hours to let his stomach regroup.  After 2 hours
as long as he had not vomited any more, I was to give him ½ cup of lukewarm
water.  Wait an hour and if still no vomiting another ½ cup of lukewarm water. 

If still no vomiting after another hour I was to give 1 cup of lukewarm water. 
If, after an additional hour, he was not vomiting he was to have full access to
as much water as he would drink.  But he could not have food for 12 hours. 
After the 12 hours I was to mix 4 tablespoons of canned unspiced pumpkin (like
for pies) into his food?.again?he loved it?..and do this for the next 3 days. 
The water and the pumpkin work like a mild laxative.  The concern was that the
guinea pig food would pass through his stomach and would slow in his intestines
due to the bulk, and the longer it sat in his intestines, the more the
intestines would draw the available water out of the food and he could wind up
with a bowel obstruction. 

We followed all their instructions,
with the understanding that if he started to vomit again at any time or if he
appeared to be straining to poop, we should call back immediately.  He?s
fine?..came through like a trooper?..hopefully a little wiser??I know we
certainly are??

Thought you?d find this
interesting??.Oh, yeah, and the biggest concern when I called the poison control
center was whether the food had raisins in it?..apparently as few as 5-10
raisins can give a dog Riley?s size kidney failure?..never knew

Don?t forget to let us know about
the event you were talking about for Adopted Dogs?..He?s been such a success
story for us?..and we?ve been sharing the web site with friends, so who knows,
maybe some other success stories will come out of



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