Foreman: Um…. I’m leaking

I came home and fed the dogs as I usually do.  They kind of expect that they will get food reasonably soon after I get home.  Well, I took them outside, played for a bit, and then came inside.  I put their food down and went back to my office.  When Mikey got home, he came in and said “why is there pee in the laundry room”.  The following evidence points to Foreman:

  • Foreman’s pee is dark yellow, but so is Bones’.  Kira’s and Remy’s pee is almost clear.
  • Foreman eats his dinner in the laundry room and Bones won’t go in the laundry room because he doesn’t seem to like the lenolium in there.
  • Foreman was sheepish after he finished dinner.

Thus I must conclude that Foreman had an accident. 


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