Foreman: Aieyee! It’s a …. It’s a… a… FROG!!!

Foreman discovered a small frog on the back deck yesterday. The other dogs pretty much ignored it as they have tasted toads before and had the fun of foaming at the mouth for a good 5 minutes. Foreman appears to have never seen a frog so when he walked near it and it hopped, Foreman leaped into the air and ran for the house. The other dogs looked at him like he was crazy as he cowered at the door to the house. He eventually ventured across the deck but took a wide path around the little tiny frog. He kept a close eye on the frog as he stepped off the deck. After he did his jobs in the yard, he came back to the deck and was brave enough to sniff the little frog. It took a hop, and he leaped into the air again and then started barking at it. He danced around as it hopped across the deck and when it finally got to the edge and hopped through the railing, Foreman seemed puzzled as to where it had gone. He sniffed the railing all over and followed the path that the frog had taken and eventually just sat down and stared at the railing till I called him inside.


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