Foreman: Don’t mess with my friend

He has really come out of his shyness and plays with me whenever I bark at him.  He is jealous of the other dogs and won’t let them near me but he has figured out that Kira is my favorite so he has taken to imitating her.  Whatever she does that I praise her for will be immediately immitated by Foreman.  If she is in bed and gets up, he immediately jumps into her spot.  If he can get to my office desk before her, he will take her spot.  My approach to that is to block him from getting to her spot and let her get there.  I think she knows that I do this for her and so she takes her time getting to her favorite spots.

Foreman’s affection for me is beginning to be worrysome because he is becoming defensive of me.  Mikey has a bit of a habit of stealing my food.  I make a sandwich and leave it on the counter to go get something from another room and when I come back my sandwitch will either be gone or a bite will be taken out of it.  Hum, come to think of it, this is how Remy behaves also.  Anyhow, tonight Mikey grabbed my snack and ran with it.  I started chasing Mikey.  Foreman watched this transaction take place and he made a bee-line for Mikey, got between us, let out a growl, and then grabbed Mikey by the arm.  We immediately stopped and scolded him.  He didn’t do any damage but it was clearly not a “play nip”.


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