foreman: Mikey scared the piss out of me

I got home and none of the dogs were to be found.  Well, that is a normal indication that Mikey has beaten me home and has the dogs out for their long walk.  He does it every morning and evening and I play ball with them for about 30 minutes afterwards.  Anyhow, it was nice to come home to a quiet house but when I entered my office I was assaulted by the smell of dog urine.  Yep, Mike had apparently scared the piss out of Foreman when he got home and he had leaked all over the place in my office.  It was outside of the cage so it had apparently happened when Mike came to get him after letting him out.

The normal sequence of events for Mike is to let Foreman’s cage door open, then go get the leash, come back, and then drag Foreman out of my office.  If I am around, I just hold the leash up and Foreman comes over.  So, I figure that Mikey came to get him with the leash and Foreman got upset and had an accident.  But, what surprised me was that Mikey left it in my office and took them for a walk.

In full grumble mode I went and got a doggy towel and blotted it up.  I then got the Petastic out and put it on the carpet to kill the smell.  Just as I was finishing up Mikey came back with the dogs and they all ran into the office to greet me.  Kira and Remy acted like nothing had happened, but Foreman got all sheepish.  It was definitely him.  Mikey finally came in and I fussed at him.  He didn’t even know that Foreman had leaked.

Oh well… my office carpet is a disaster anyhow… it’s about time for a project to replace the carpet with hard wood.


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