Foreman: Back to his shyness

This morning, at about 5am, Foreman started getting restless
so I got up and let him outside.  He did his jobs and then started
running around me wanting to play.  He stood on his hind legs and boxed
at me with his front feet.  It would have been quite funny had I been
fully awake.  I went back to bed and so did Foreman.  At 8am I got up
and took everyone outside and played with a stick.  Foreman was lively
and didn’t seem scared of anything.  He came when I called and played
with the other dogs.  At one point Remy and Kira were chasing the stick
and Foreman was on the opposite side of the back yard (about 1 acre
square).  Out of the corner of my eye I saw this blur of brown blasting
across the yard and he did a suicide run right into Remy.  Both went
tumbing to the ground.  Remy didn’t seem to know what had happened at
first but then started biting and tugging with Foreman till he realized
that Kira had gotten the stick and was playing with me.  Remy tried to
get back to the stick but Foreman wanted to play.

After all of the dogs were tired from playing I came back
inside and they all laid down on the hardwood floor panting.  I went
outside and used the string trimmer to remove the grass from around the
bottom of the fence around the property (about 5 acres).  While working
on the part next to the gravel road at the driveway, Kira appeared. 
Mike had let her out.  Fortunately, Kira stays on the inside of the
fence and never tries to escape.  So, regardless of what side I was on,
she was on the inside of the fence watching me from about 10 feet
away.  She went and got a big rock and would drop it near the fence in
the direction I was working.  When I passed by the rock and didn’t pick
it up, she would pounce on it like a Cat does with a ball of string and
then run ahead of me and drop it on the ground in my path. 
Occasionally I would pick up the rock and toss it deep into the trees
on the property.  She would run into the woods and rustle around for
quite a while and eventually come out with the exact rock she had been
playing with.

When I finished with the yard it was about time to take foreman to the HART adoption event.  I came inside and changed and went looking for Foreman. As soon as I called him, he ran to his cage and hid.  I took the leash to him and he went back into his normal shy mode and started shaking.  I snapped the leash on his collar and he willingly followed me through the house and out the door.  Mike pulled his car out of the garage and Foreman hopped in the car when I said “wanna go for a ride?”. 

At the adoption event Foreman initially was very nervous with all of the other dogs and would not let strangers touch him.  When he saw Dick, he went crazy wagging his tail and jumping on Dick.  All of the dogs do this with Dick and he is the driver of one of the transport vans and one of the people that handle the dogs more than anyone.  Foreman spent 6 months in the kennel so he knows Dick well.  After the first half of the adoption event, Foreman settled down and laid down on the concrete beside me.  It was a coolish day and so I sat in the sun near the vans.  People would come up and he would be shy but he didn’t pull away as he had done before.  During the last hour he started to try to play with me and was more animated.  Some people commented that he was looking better now that he was in foster care.

When we got home from the adoption event at about 4pm, we got into the house and found that some packs of yeast were laying on the floor.  Knowing that these had previously been on the counter we reasoned that Remy had stolen something off the counter again.  It only took a few minutes to look out in the back yard to see a brand new, but empty, bread bag laying in the yard.  When we went outside to pick up the bag, Remy disappeared.  That is 3 times that Remy has taken things off the counter so it is now time to start being much more dilligent about limiting where we leave things.

After taking care of Remy, I laid down on the bed to take a short nap and Foreman curled up right next to me on the bed.  He seemed very content so I didn’t throw him off the bed.  My alergies were acting up from doing the string trimming in the morning so I took some Benedryl and fell fast asleep.  Foreman never moved.

After I got up, I played pool, and Foreman, Kira, and Remy laid down on the basement couch and just watched quietly.  Now they are all sleeping in their various favorite places and the day is almost done.  Foreman seems to be adjusting well to living in the pack and is getting along well with all of the dogs.  He even went upstairs this evening and wagged his tail at Mikey.


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