Foreman: coming out of his shell

In an odd change of personality, on Friday evening I was watching a movie and Mikey was trying to fix his computer.  Kira and Remy were in their normal posistions on the couch with me.  Foreman went upstairs and tried to play with Bones but that didn’t work out and Mike put the gate at the top of the stairs to keep him from interfering with his work on the computer and to keep Remy away.  Forman came barreling down the stairs, leaped on me on the couch, licked me in the ear and then took off running through the house at full speed.  He ran from the bedroom to the kitchen and back, and repeated.  Then all got quiet…

For about 5 minutes there wasn’t a sound out of Foreman and like a thunder clap, the silence was broken.  Foreman was sitting on the my bed staring at the ceiling fan and barking his head off.  I turned on the light and he stopped and ran to his cage.  I turned the light out and went back to the movie and the barking started again.  This time when I went in, he had the big rubber mesh ball that is about 1 foot in diameter sitting in front of him on the bed and he was barking his head off at the ball.  I turned on the light and he grabbed the ball and took off running through the house.  He flipped the ball into the air and chased it barking like crazy as he ran.  Then back to the bedroom where he jumped on the bed and started barking at the ball.

Remy and Kira sat in the living room watching the entire running episode.  I went back to the couch and all of a sudden Foreman comes running out of the bedroom and leaps on Remy and starts trying to play.  Remy snarled and they tusseled around and then Remy got off the couch and headed upstairs.  Foreman followed Remy and I guess Remy was so upset with being jumped on that he just barreled through the gate at the top of the stairs and ran to the spare bedroom and hid behind the bed.  Mike was working in that bedroom on his new computer when Remy ran by.  He said that Remy jumped on the bed, and then off the other side and just curled up in the corner where he could peek under the bed to watch the door.

Foreman came barreling down the stairs and leaped on Kira. She gave a big snarl at him and he stopped immediately and went back into the bedroom where I later found him sleeping on my pillow. 


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