Foreman: Not having a good doggy evening

Well, the big brown beast of the house strikes again.  Foreman was under my desk and Bones came into my office while we were sitting in here chatting.  Bones headed over to my desk and next thing you know he was attacking Foreman.  No contact was made but Foreman was pretty scared.  Mike grabbed Bones and pulled him out of the office and fussed at him.  I am figuring that Bones is so blind and deaf that he had no idea that he was being fussed at.  We shut the gate and fed Foreman and he seemed to get over it fairly quickly. 

Foreman has also decided that he wants Kira’s place in the pack and so he has started trying to dominate her.  But, she won’t have any part of it.  He tried to take her spot under my desk while she was there and she growled a very low growl at him and he backed off.  He then tried to hump her and the moment he tried to straddle her, she gave that same low growl and he stopped.  It seems that she has figured out that he is a bit of a coward and she has taken to growling at him whenever he tries to take a toy or anything she is playing with.  I am guessing Foreman will remain number 3 of 4.


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