Foreman: Thank you for sleeping late!

Finally!  Foreman slept till 8:30am this morning without making a peep.  Mike stayed out with friends last night so there was no-one to let him out of his crate at 5am.  The crate was beside my bed so I would have heard him move around but he didn’t.  When I did get up at about 8:30am, he wagged his tail in the crate and I took him outside.  It has been a very good day.

An odd development has occurred with Foreman.  He doesn’t seem to like Mike.  He stays with me like a puppy and cries now whenever he cannot get to me.  When Mike walks in the room, he runs behind me and hides.  If Mike pushes closer to him, he starts to shake.  He won’t go outside for Mike and the only way that we can get him out of the crate is for Mike to leave the room.  This is truly odd as every dog seems to love Mike an shy away from me.


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