Foreman: time is a changing

For the first time since we took Foreman home (1 week) he slept through the night and didn’t get up until 5:30am.  Mike heard him cry so he got up and let him out of the crate and then let him out in the back yard.  When he finished peeing, he ran into the house as fast as he could and jumped on my bed and licked me.  He they laid down and went to sleep.  Kira wasn’t to happy about this and she got off the bed and laid on the floor beside me and then made a big sighing sound.

Later in the morning Bones was coming in from outside and walking down the hall when Foreman decided to try to play with the big beast.  To date Foreman has not been allowed around Bones to avoid a repeat of what happened with Riley and Bones.  He let out a playful growl and leaped at Bones.  Mike and I were watching and both yelled “No no!!!!!” but it was to late.  Bones lifted up his lips and gave a snarl and just kept on walking as if nothing happened.  It look like Bones and Foreman may be good together.


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