Foreman: What a cry baby

Foreman definitely acts like an adolescent puppy.  One minute he is shaking and hiding from you, and the next he is sniping from his cage at another dog.  Again last night as soon as he was put to bed, he started to cry.  This night he also barked in the crying which was to much for Mike so Mike came down and slept on the floor in my office with Foreman.  I’m sure that was comfortable.

Mike thought that Foreman was asleep and got up in the middle of the night to go to bed and Foreman whimpered for about 15 minutes before falling back to sleep.  I had to do a customer visit this morning and leave very early so the lack of sleep really sucked for being awake for the customer presentation.

Mike sent me an email saying that before he left this morning he let Foreman out and he tried to get through the fence.  He touched the electric wire between the bottom two rails and Mike said he yelped, leaped straight into the air, spun in the air, landed, leaped, spun, landed, and repeated as if he thought that the ground had shocked him.  Then he ran back to the house and stood on the deck looking out into the yeard.  When this happened to Riley, he wouldn’t go out in the back yard for a month.  Foreman doesn’t have a problem going into the back yard now, but he won’t go near the fence.

Tonight I will put the second crate by the bed and put him in it and see if that helps.


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