Foreman: 4am! Ugh

At 4am I was woke up by the sound of a dog crying.  It was Foreman and he was sobbing like a baby.  I got up and Foreman was at the door.  He wagged his tail furiously and jumped all over me.  I took all of the dogs outside hoping that it was just that he needed to pee.  After he finished doing his duty, I put him back in the office and shut the gate.  He immediately started whining so I opened the gate and sat on the floor with him.  Kira came in and tried to pick up a toy.  Foreman snarled and jumped on her and immediately had her by the neck.  I grabbed him and put him on his back until he stopped fighting me.

When I let him up, he went goofy and started running around like crazy.  Kira high tailed it out of the office and watched from the door to the hallway.  Foreman started playing.  He grabbed a toy and shoved it at me and we played tug.  After about 30 minutes of playing, he had calmed down and gone into his cage.  So, I got up and locked the gate to the office and went to bed.  Kira had been standing outside the gate watching me play with him and then she followed me to bed.  But, instead of laying down beside me like she usually does, she laid on the other side of the bed and turned her back to me.  I called her over and she jumped off the bed and slept on the floor.  After about 30 minutes, she seemed to get over being mad at me and she hopped back up on the bed and snuggled up against me with her head on my pillow.

At 5:30am I was startled by a howel.  Foreman was awake again and he was making a fuss.  But this time he was barking, crying, howling, and making every noise he could. I heard Mike get up and I suggested that we leave him so that he would get to know that behavior was not going to help him.  So, he made a fuss till about 7am and finally quieted down.  Mike got up at 7:30am and took him outside.

At about 8am I was startled yet again.  But this time it was Foreman jumping onto my bed and licking me in the face.  He flopped over on his back and I pet on his tummy for a while.  This was the most social I have seen him to date.  When I got up, he didn’t run to his cage as he had done before.  He played, and pranced around.  I tugged a rope with him and chased him in the house.  He seemed to be genuinely playing.  I took my morning shower and came out to find him sitting on my bed in the spot where Kira normally stays.  Kira was under the bed.  So, I shoed Foreman out of the bedroom and put up a gate so that I could play with Kira alone. 

Mike was already eating breakfast when I came into the kitchen.  Foreman was sitting beside the table begging for food.  When I walked in, he didn’t run away.  Rather, he came over to me with his tail held high and wanted to be pet.  He is holding his ears differently now.  Before he held them straight out to the side but slightly in the air which made him look a little stupid.  but, now he is holding them back like he is in a race and he prances around whenever he walks with you. 

I think he is adjusting to the new place.  I even got him to give me a paw when I held out my hand and said “paw”. 


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