Foreman: Attack of the lonely poochie

I woke up to an odd noise in the house at precisely 5am.  It was Foreman scratching at the gate on my office door.  I got up, got
dressed and took him outside thinking he just had to go.  Kira and Remy
accompanied me and all peed in the back yard.  I brought him back in
and when I got near the office, he ran to his crate.  I shut the gate
to the office and headed back to bed.

After going back to bed,
Foreman started to whine and cry.  So, I got up and let him out of the
office and put a gate up to keep Bones from getting to the bedroom. 

Foreman immediately jumped up on the bed and laid down, but he kept on
crying and whimpering.  So, I thought he might be hungy and got up and
gave him about a half of a cup of food.  He snarfed it down rapidly and
then went back in his crate.  I went to bed and all was quiet.

6am Foreman was scratching at the gate again but this time I heard
Mikey come to his rescue so I just stayed in bed.  Mike probably took
him outside, but then must have decided that he didn’t want to lock him
back in the office.  So, all of a sudden Foreman appears on my bed
looking me in the face.  I let him stay there till about 8am and then I
got up to take them all for a walk.  Rather than putting a leash on
him, I took them in the back yard where the fence has an electric
wire.  Every dog has been zorched by that wire once and they never try
it again.  So, I figured it was safe.  We all went outside and I just
stood on the deck.  The dogs all went into the grass and did their
business and then all came running back to the house.  This was a good
sign that Foreman was not going to take off and leap over the fence.

inside, I gave everyone food and got ready for work.  After getting
dressed, I took them all in the back yard and played ball with Kira and
Remy while Foreman investigated the yard.  He never got zorched, but he
was mediculous in searching for a way to go through the fence. He ended
up in the corner in the bushes when Remy wasn’t paying attention.  Remy
saw the bushes move and thought something was in the bushes and went
into attack mode.  He got low to the ground and went running to the
bushes.  Kira stood in the middle of the yard and just watched.  When
he got there, he startled Foreman who darted out the other side of the
bushes and then wanted to attack what had startled him.  It was quite
humerous to see Remy and Foreman circling the bushes thinking something
was in there. 

After a while Remy darted through the bushes and
Foreman started chasing him.  They started tusseling on the ground and
seemed to be having fun.  Kira kept chasing the ball while the others
were playing.  Eventually they stopped and Foreman went to poo.  As
yesterday, he did a double serve, but this time the second serving was
soft serve.  What is really funny is that as soon as he finishes
pooing, he takes off like a shot and runs across the yard as if he has
to get as far away from it as he can.

I headed off to work at 9am which is about an hour later than usual. My boss understood.

left at about 9:30 and said that he put Foreman in the 4×4 cage in my
office so that he could get the other dogs out the door for a walk but
that when he opened the door, there were 4 dogs running beside him. 

Fortunately, Foreman just followed the other dogs who came back
immediately on command and Mike was able to put the leash on Foreman
for the walk.  When he checked the cage, it appeared that Foreman knew
how to open the latches and had simply opened the door to the cage.

When we got home, we were cooking dinner and all of the dogs were laying on the floor.  Foreman came into the kitchen and was pacing round and round the kitchen.  He was in the area where we were standing when he just lit into Remy.  Remy just cowered while Foreman had him by the loose skin on his cheek.  Remy just cowered and cried.  We had to pull them apart.  We gave him solitary confinement in a cage for 30 minutes and then let him out. 

Later I was in the office and Remy ventured into the crate where Foreman sleeps.  Forman let out a growl and took off like a shot after Remy, pushed him out of the cage and gave a snarl. 

a few lessons have been learned about foreman

  • Foreman is smart and can open latches.  So we need to secure the cage more thoroughly.
  • Foreman
    appears to want companionship but doesn’t trust people.  This can work
    to our advantage as hopefully he will seek the same level of attention
    as the other dogs get.
  • Foreman adheres to the pack mentality so
    he seems to imitate what the other dogs are doing.  This also may help
    in keeping him in the home because he seems to follow the other dogs
    who never stray from our sight.
  • Foreman knows what a bed is and
    wants to sleep with people.  This is an odd contrast to being scared of
    people.  When he is on the bed, he wants to be pet and is friendly. 

    But the moment you are out of the bed, he disappears to his cage.

  • Foreman doesn’t play ball or have any interest in toys. 
  • Foreman
    does have aggression issues with the other dogs when they get near his
    crate.  Kira is now scared to come in my office so I moved Foreman’s crate to the other side of the room so that she doesn’t have to pass by it to get to her place under my desk.

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