Riley visit

Mike and I went out to Winchester today to visit with the family that adopted Riley.  We got there at about 2:30 and he greeted us at the door.  At first he just sniffed as if he did not realize who we were.  After a little while he seemed really happy to see us, but it wasn’t till we were in the living room and I put him on his back like I did when he lived with me that he he just got super excited and started wanting to play.

Riley is doing wonderfully.  He has gained a bit of weight and is about the size of their other dog Casey.  He and the cat are getting along great and from the way he behaved while we were there, you wouldn’t know that he ever had aggression issues.  He was just a sweet and lovable pooch.  the change in Riley from when we got him originally till the way he is now is just amazing and proof that the fostering program works well.  I am not only happy for the family that got Riley, but for Riley for getting such a great family!


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