Fireworks at the adoption event

Today’s adoption event was full of surprises.  I specifically asked for Cassandra (Cassy) so that I could work with her before deciding to foster her.  Well, a volunteer was wondering about with a new black lab and walked him right up to Cassy.  This was not a good thing since Cassy is already known to be dog aggressive when she is on a leash.  Before anyone realized it, Cassy jumped on the black lab and bit him in the face.  Dick rushed the lab to the vet and there was no damage.  Ugh… So, I decided not to foster Cassy for now.  We are fostering Foreman in hopes of getting his issues resolved and then will try Cassy later. 

The goal for us fostering a dog is to rehabilitate the dog and get it into adoptable condition.  But, Cassy might be to much for the household with Bones being blind and deaf.  He wouldn’t see her coming and then would fight once they tangled.  It wouldn’t be good.


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