Should we foster another?

Today I had the pleasure of handling a number of dogs at the HART adoption event. I ended
up with Foreman toward the end of the adoption event. He is a shy dog
that is the puppy from a litter that happened when Holly (another
volunteer) was fostering Foreman’s mother. I think she was pregnant
with puppies when Holly took her in as HART is extremely vigilant at
neutering the dogs if they can.  He is incredibly nervous and
was previously adopted and then returned because he was becoming
increasingly scared of the children in the home.

I am
thinking that Foreman would be a good dog to foster because he could
stand the socialization from the other dogs and possibly learn not to
be so shy.  Mike and I talked a good bit about the next dog to
foster and we concluded that we have the space, time, and environment
that is better suited to helping dogs overcome personality
issues.  So, we will focus on a couple of

  • The dog has to
    be able to get along with Bones (the 13 year old chocolate lab) that
    hated Riley.
  • The dog needs to be one that has had
    problems getting adopted.
  • The dog needs to be
    between 45 and 90 pounds so that it is compatible with our existing

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