Another groundhog bites the dust

Remember that groundhog thing about 2 weeks ago. Well, the groundhog never came back to the hole as evidenced by the fact that the rocks that I put in the hole did not get pushed out. Yet the dogs were out playing in the yard and they all took off in one direction. What do you know. They spotted a groundhog by the garden. The big ole chocolate lab (13 years old) who can barely see got to the groundhog first. This time it wasn’t like the fun that Riley, Remy, and Kira were having with the previous one. Bones got to the little thing and without a hesitation snatched it up, shook it like he does his toys, and it was dead. This was a really old one as it looked like it had been through some rough times. One eye was missing and it looked like it had old wounds that had healed over. Well, it didn’t survive this little battle.


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