Riley update from his new family

I got a great note from the family that adopted Riley.

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006
3:57 PM

Subject: RE: How are things going
with Riley

Riley is

We have a couple of
issues we are working through…..of course one is with Harry.  Riley did get a
hold of Harry once, didn’t chew him, but slobbered him up pretty good.  Harry
may need therapy.  Since then we decided to keep a baby gate at the entrance to
the hallway.  This way the dogs can be in the family room with us (and have
access to the kitchen, outside, etc.) Harry sits on one side of the gate and
Riley on the other, they sniff, paw, etc.  Last night, Harry was sitting on the
arm of the chair in the family room.  Riley walked past him, backed up, looked
at harry, made this grunty sound he makes and walked

Riley does bark some in
the backyard, but he is getting better.  At first, the second we put he and
casey out, he’d start.  Not good when you have neighbors.  But he has learned
that barking doesn’t get him back in, so he doesn’t do it quite so much.  We can
put he and casey out for about a half hour together before they start to whine! 

He walks well on a
leash.  Some pulling, but two tugs on the leash and he stops.  If you tell him
to heel, he walks right next to your left leg.  I only make him do that if he’s
pulling a lot, otherwise I let him walk next to casey (which is what he
prefers).  He and Casey get along great!!!  We lay on the floor at night to
watch TV and as soon as we get a blanket out to lay on, the dogs are on it!!!! 
Then you have to fit yourself in between.  It’s

Oh yeah!  I almost
forgot to tell you…..Riley plays ball.  He had only been chasing casey, or so we
thought.  Today, Scott threw a ball in each direction, casey took off after the
first one and riley the second…..he brought it back and everything.  Then he
sits pretty (so he gets a treat).

He’s doing

We are going to do a
“drop by” visit next week with the vet – so I can pick up Heartguard.  And I may
ask her if the dogs can have beano or gas-ex or



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