My response to the update

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 9:23 PM
Subject: RE: How are things going with

Oh my…I feel for Harry.  I hope it was just play.  Riley
never barked from outside to come in.  He would scratch on the glass of the
sliding door until he figured out that there was a doggy door where he would
come in.  If he got locked outside in the front he would scratch at the door. 
The barking while outside is a new thing that we never saw.  We walked him every
morning and evening on a leash and he understood “heel” from day one.  He had
some kind of training with his original family. 
He is playing ball?  Wow!  He never once chased after the
ball when here.  Maybe the Labs just got to the ball first and so he never
tried.  He loved to tug on that rope and if I got him going I could get one of
the other dogs to take the other end of the rope and it would be great fun
watching them tug.
I didn’t turn in your adoption papers till this past
Saturday when we were at the adoption event so you won’t get the copies and vet
history till later.  We have a photo copy that I can mail to you.  He is
up-to-date on all of his shots but you need the “neutered certificate” and the
rabies certificate for his county animal registration. 
Gas!  Oh my.  Riley and Remy had gas something awful when
we got them but it turned out to be partly due to worms.  We put them through
the entire worming thing and most of the problems went away.  When he had Iams
he had worse gas than when he had Science Diet.  I have heard that when they
first change food they do get gas.  We rarely rotate food for the
I am really glad that you love him and that he is
adapting.  I miss his prancing when I come home and feed him.  Will you guys be
around the weekend of September 30?  If so, I will just be back from a trip and
would love to come visit.  By then he should have forgotten about
Thanks for the note!!! 

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