A new visitor

A coworker had an emergency on Wednesday and came to me asking if I could possibly take care of one of his dogs (Marigold) Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday.  “Sure, no problem” I said.  He brought her over at about 9pm and Bones immediately took a dislike to her.  He never sniffed her but just growled from afar.  After they left, every time she would come near him, he would growl.  Then it dawned on me.  Bones doesn’t realize that Riley is gone and he is almost blind and almost deaf (he is 13 after all).  So, he just sees a black/white dog that is about Riley’s size coming near him.

So, I got Mike to hold Bones and I held the new dog and pushed Bones towards her butt for him to sniff.  He didn’t even sniff.  He just turned away.  So, Bones is all snarley and growley for no reason and won’t even try to figure out that this is a different dog.


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