Our first adoption day without Riley

We did not take Riley to the HART adoption event today since he is due to go to his
forever home on Monday.  I handled a dog named Beane and then a dog named
Bubba for a short period of time while Charlie was doing interviews.  Mike
had the pleasure of holding Cassandra…yea, that was sarcasm.

Beane is just a wonderful dog to hold.  9 months old and fun to play
with.  He is very light so it was easy to control him.  Within
minutes of taking Beane I had two people wanting to fill out applications for
him.  I got Charlie to start the interviews for an applicant so I held
Bubba.  Bubba is a Pomeranian and is the cutest thing I have seen in a
long time.  I just love small dogs but Mike thinks they are food for his
dog.  So, the little dogs can’t be in the house without Bones (Mike’s dog)
being caged.  Anyhow, within minutes of holding Bubba, we had 3 people
wanting to fill out applications.  I interviewed one person while Sandy started another

It was great to see so many people interested in adopting dogs. 
Everyone said that they were interested in HART because they wanted to adopt rather than buy a puppy.

After the event, we headed home, stopped over at some folks house that had
been vandalized and helped clean up some trees that the vandals had cut
down.  We loaded the truck up with as much as we could carry and we
brought them home for the burn pile. 


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