One last fight…. hopefully

It was quite the cheery morning today when Bones wandered into the bedroom where Riley was sleeping. The gate wasn’t closed and Riley and Bones got to close to each other. It started with snarling for a few seconds and all of a sudden I here comes Mikey tackling Riley. Bones and Riley barely got to each other before Mike appeared. By the time I got there, Bones was just standing there staring at Mikey who was laying on top of Riley to keep them apart. I repremanded Riley and put him in his crate then we started checking for damage. Neither dog got hurt. Riley had a scratch on his cheek. Mike was the one that was hurt the most as he hurt his leg in the mad dash to tackle Riley. He also has a bruise on his arm which looks like one of the dogs connected with his arm in the tackle.

Everyone is fine and this was really quite minor compared to some previous skirmishes. But, we are upset that we had a lapse in security in the house just 4 days before Riley goes to his new home for possible adoption.


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