Got a nibble

We got a message from Charlie last night that there is a family in Winchester that is interested in Riley.  They said on the application “Love at first site” being the reason they chose Riley.  They also mentioned that they saw him at one of the HART events.  So, that must have either been a weekend adoption event or the Ice Cream fund raiser from Wednesday.  

Mike is going to be with friends this weekend so I will take Riley in for the adoption event on Saturday.  If all goes well, we will schedule a home visit for the family.  It is also a good friend’s birthday on Saturday and I had planned to go into town to celebrate with him.  He is playing with his band at Freddies in Arlington that evening and we were all going to go down and cheer him on.  Hopefully I will still make it into town for that.

My fingers are crossed, and I am a little sad.


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