Ice Cream

HART sponsored an
Ice Cream fund raiser for the organization in Fairfax at 6pm.  Mike
took Riley to work today and will leave directly from work for the
event in Fairfax.  It is about a 45 minute drive from where he works. 

I left work at 5pm to get there early enough to assist.  Traffic was pretty bad so I just barely made it on time.

The Mayor of Fairfax City was there and it turns out he owns the place that was hosting the event.  He and his wife were gracious and provided “all you can eat” ice cream to anyone that donated $20 to HART.  Riley behaved himself well and all of the little kids came up and hugged on him and pet him.  The Mayor called the local fire department and they all came over to see Riley.  Very nice folks who had actually gone down to Gulf Port to help after Katrina hit.  They all loved Riley but he can’t be adopted by a firehouse.  One fellow seemed very interested in Riley and asked about what it takes to adopt a dog.  Lots of other folks inquired about Riley and he was showing really well.

Mike said that Riley slept soundly all the way home and when we got home he was growly with the other dogs.  He went straight to his bed and went to sleep.  It was a long day and evening for the little pooch.


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