Riley and Bones making progress

Riley and Bones may be getting accustomed to one another.  I have been occasionally letting Riley in the main part of the house without the gates up while Bones is in the house.  They seem to watch each other like they don’t trust each other but they don’t growl.  When Mike is home though, Bones is more aggressive and this little exercise doesn’t work.

Today, by accident, Mike forgot to put up the gate to my office and Bones came into my office while Riley was in.  Note that my office is where Riley sleeps all the time.  So, this could have been a bad thing.  Riley’s hair stood up and he paced in the room while Bones was in here but did not growl.  As Bones turned to leave, Riley mirrored his movements from about 4 feet away and I growled “R I L E Y”.  Riley then turned and came to me and his fur laid down.


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