Interest in Riley again

I got a message from Charlie of HART that there was someone that was interested in Riley.  Charlie forwarded the man’s email to me so I responded with the following information.

Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:29 PM
Subject: RE: HART Web – Riley


We are the foster home for Riley and would be happy to talk with you about him.  I am at customer sites for work all day tomorrow and Thursday but could talk on Friday.  Mike ( may be able to talk sooner.  We will have Riley at the Greenbrier adoption event this coming weekend if you would like to look at him up-close. 

We have been fostering Riley for about 6 months now and he is an affectionate dog.  When he first arrived in our care he had been recently neutered and had taken a long trip from Louisiana to here.  He was nervous and aggressive in the household.  I disciplined him by putting him on his back regularly and he decided that I was king of the house.  Now he follows me around like a puppy and show no aggressive tendencies.  He gets along great with most of our dogs, but we have a old Brown Lab that hates him and snarls every chance he gets.  Riley gets along great with the dogs at the adoption events. 

He is fully house trained and very chatty.  When he can’t see me or can’t get to me, he talks.  Not quite a bark, but a sound that lets us know that he isn’t happy with the situation.  He prances around quite a bit when happy and has even learned to steal the ball.  He fetches it but won’t give it back yet.  He is learning.  We have taught him “sit”, “stay”, and “paw” but that is about as far as we have gotten to date. 

On his negatives, Riley is an insecure dog and he needs attention.  He is scared to death of thunder and lightening and cowers under you whenever a storm is coming.  While he doesn’t have any ongoing medical issues, he appears to have been hit by a car or some major injury as he is missing his teeth on his top right side and he has a bad scar on his rear right knee.  He runs just fine and eats just fine so it does not appear to affect him.

Overall, Riley is a great dog.  Happy, chatty, and a great companion.  We originally intended to adopt him but the aggression between brown dog and he has not gotten any better in 6 months. 

Write us if you would like to set up some time to talk.  Mike and I both work during the day but can arrange time to talk on the phone. 

Thanks for your interest,


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