Remy learns to play fetch

When we first got Kira, she was 7 weeks old and didn’t have the slightest clue about what to do with a ball.  I was fortunate enough to be home all day with her for the first year of her life and watched as her instincts to fetch slowly developed.  One day she showed interest in the ball and chased it but didn’t know what to do when she found it.  A week later she chased it at full speed and picked it up, but didn’t return with it.  As week later, she was chasing after it and bringing it back.  

I had the great fortune of getting to experience this learning experience with Remy.  Though late in life, when we first got him, he didn’t have the slightest interest or clue with chasing a ball. He would watch Kira chase the ball and chase after her, but had no interest in the ball.   If he found the ball, he would take it and hide it so that Kira couldn’t play with it.  But today, Remy chased after the ball on his own and got to it before Kira.  Surprisingly, he grabbed it up and held his head up high and ran back to me with it getting full praise all the way.  When he got to me, he didn’t want to let go but I took it from him and he chased it again.  We repeated this for about 30 minutes till he was so tired he couldn’t climb up the stairs but he still wanted to chase the ball.

So, twice in my life I have had the pleasure of watching a dog learn the joy of doing what is instinctively natural.  What a great little gift in life.

Thank you HART and Charlene for this opportunity!


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