Should we adopt Remy?

Riley is beginning to settle down. We had the friends out this weekend that have the
little Jack Russel terrier and put the muzzle on Riley.  Riley stuck by me like
glue and never even bothered with the little dog until the dog tried to hump
Riley.  All of his aggression toward Remy and myself has gone and he has only
gone after Kira when Kira and Remy are playing and chasing each other about. 

For the most part, Riley and Bones just avoid each other.  They do have their
occasional snarling matches and Riley does go after Bones, but now in week 3,
things are settling down a bit.  I do think that this can work out.  Remy is the
more destructive of the two… Mike has lost a pair of shoes to Remy.  And, he
crushed a door knob, the trim around a door, and showed us where he thought
there should be a new hole in the drywall between rooms.  We don’t trust them to
be free in the house so they live in the basement bathroom when we are both

The aggression issues are getting much better.  Riley
hasn’t growled at me once this past week.  He even played with me one day and
rolled around on his back.  He lets me pet his tummy now and he is even letting
us pet his back legs. It appears that some of his problems may have been related
to the worms and since we got rid of them, he has changed a good bit.  Speaking
of worms, they were the long kind that looked like angel hair pasta.  His poo
was like soft serve and he had gas something awful.  But, now that the worms are
gone, his poo is normal and most of the gas issues are gone.  Mike said that the
heartworm preventative also kills a number of other worms.  He is also taking
medication for arthritis to see if that helps his back hips so that he stops
dancing (lifting one leg off the ground periodically as if it hurts).  It hasn’t
seemed to help in that regard so he may not have arthritis issues. 

I think Mike and I still are hoping to make
it work with Riley.  We definitely are ready to adopt Remy, and after having a
good week with Riley, we are getting closer to a decision on Riley.  We aren’t
ready to give up, and given his dependence on having either a dog or person
around, if we don’t adopt him, we certainly would foster him until a good home
could be found where he could have 24×7 attention.  The only time he really goes
berserk is when he is left alone without Remy, Kira or one of us.  When he is
left alone even for 5 minutes while we are taking care of the other dogs, he
just goes nuts.  I wouldn’t trust him with small children, and I wouldn’t trust
him with elderly.  So, that narrows his chances of finding a good home. 
Therefore, we are inclined to do everything we can to get him to work out.  And,
his insecurity makes him a really affectionate little dog.


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