Riley is getting better

We had a good number of days with Riley.  He has stopped being aggressive with me.  When we take them on their walks, I take Riley and keep him on a short leash.  We also keep him sequestered in my office with me every night and let Bones run free in the house.  That really means that Bones sleeps under Mike’s feet in Mike’s office.  Remy has pretty much joined the pack with Kira and Bones and the three of them play in the back yard and in the house.  Riley, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to know how to play.  When Kira gets in his face to lick him or drops her front and barks at him like she does when playing with Remy and Bones, Riley gets all upset and snarls at her and goes into attack mode.  

Oddly, now, if we gate the upstairs so that Mike is in his office with Bones and the other three are free in the house, and I am downstairs, Remy and Kira will be downstairs with me and Riley will just sleep in his bed.  He doesn’t seem to have much interest in just hanging out with me.  But, if he has the option to be with Mike, he will follow Mike around like a puppy.

While Riley has become less aggressive with me, he has become more aggressive toward Bones.  Over this past weekend, we graduated them to sleeping in the master bedroom rather than locking them in my office.  We lock Riley in a crate beside the bed.  Remy sleeps in a doggy bed on the floor by the door.  And Kira sleeps on the bed.  Every couple of hours Bones will come out of his bedroom and make the rounds through the house and the yard.  Kira does the same thing just patrolling the property and then coming back in.  Every time Bones gets up Riley just goes ballistic in his cage with the nastiest commotion of snarls and barks.  No matter how much he gets fussed at or slapping the crate, he won’t stop as long as Bones is in site.  When he is in the crate, Bones seems to know he is harmless so he just looks at him and wanders about.  

We are certainly ready to adopt Remy permanently, but I still have concerns over Riley.  If they are adoptable only as a pair, I would like to hold off and make judgment in a few more weeks.  If we cannot get Riley and Bones to live in harmony, we have a problem since I don’t think it is fair to Riley to put him in a crate when we are away from the house and to keep him in a crate at night.  He is a reasonably good dog and is very affectionate.  He is terribly insecure and just wants someone in the house with him all the time.  He doesn’t want to necessarily be pet all the time, but he seems to just want to have someone around.  Remy has gotten over being scared of sticks but Riley is still very skittish.

Well, that is the update for now.  Mike is out of town Monday and Tuesday so we will see how it goes managing all of the dogs by myself.  🙂


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