Riley goes to the vet

We were able to get a short notice Vet appointment for Riley.  They checked out his leg and recognized his HART tag so they knew he was a foster dog.  We had the paperwork for all of his treatments but the Vet wouldn’t perscribe heart-worm medication or anything for Riley’s worms without calling HART.  The got hold of someone who authorized the Vet to treat Riley and so we got pills for him. 

We had his blood checked for Lime, something that started with an E (Ehrlickia?), and heart worms.  He was free of all 3.  So, we got him some arthritis pills to see if that would help his back hips.  They didn’t do a thing for him.  We also started them on heartworm pills… Interceptor, like Bones and Kira have.  Oddly, after taking the pill, Riley had worms in his poo.  Remy doesn’t have any, and Kira and Bones have not had them either.  So, it appears to be localized to Riley.  The first poo after the pills was quite full of worms and it has tapered off over the past 48 hours.  We also had them weighed.  We were quite surprised that Remy weighs 67 pounds.  He looks so much lighter and has such a thin chest that we thought he was less than 50 pounds.  Kira weighs 71 pounds and feels so much heavier when I pick her up (versus picking up Remy).  Riley weighs 55 pounds. 


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