Remy destroys the bathroom

Riley is favoring his back leg.  He has a bad scar on it and we are worried that something is wrong.  So, we contacted Charlene to see if we could take him to the vet to have it looked at.

Mike is not liking putting Remy and Riley in the crates during the day.  The moment you close the grate door on Remy, he starts clawing at the door and drooling like crazy.  When we come home from work, Remy’s cage is soaked with drool and he tears up anything that is in the cage with him.  Riley is much calmer about the cage.  So, Mikey decided to let Remy and Riley have free run of the bathroom in the basement.  It is a finished bathroom but has a tile floor so they couldn’t do any damage.  The very first day was a disaster.  Remy drooled all over the floor and tried to dig a hole through the dry wall behind the toilet.  The back of the door is scrached like a crazy person tried to hack his way out of the room.  The door jams are split and bitten beyond repair and the door has huge claw marks deep into the door.  It isn’t a solid wood door so he destroyed it fairly easily.  Even the door knob is destroyed.  It is a brass round door knob and he crushed it.


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