Riley, the muzzle, and friends for pool

We had another good day with Riley!  Had friends over to play pool last night.  He wore the muzzle for about an hour till he met everyone and then got to take it off.  Bones was locked in the bedroom so that wouldn’t be an issue.  All dogs met everyone and got along just great.  At about 9:00, Riley disappeared and he was found sleeping in his bed.  Remy stayed with people till about 10 when he went upstairs and went to sleep.  We locked the gate on their room and let Bones out.  

To back up a little, Saturday morning we got out all of the tools and strung the electric fence down the new part of the wooden fence.  We turned it on and checked for any grounded points and found a few (it hasn’t been on in a few years).  So far, Riley is the only one that has touched it.  It is the smallest voltage fence we could get but it still made Riley run away from the fence.  If Riley is like Bones, he will get zorched one or two more times before he figures out what is causing it.  After that, he may stay 6 feet away from the fence like Kira and Bones do.  (BTW…Kira figured it out on the first jolt…she is a smart dog.   🙂  )

Forward to Sunday morning.  I locked Bones in with Mike and fed all the dogs.  Riley doesn’t understand what a dog door is.  I can open it and he doesn’t even put his nose through it.  Remy figured it out really quick and this morning he took himself out, did his jobs, and then came back in.  We are watching them as they go out to make sure that the fence is effective.  I’ve touched it myself and it is a pretty good jolt.  Made me stay away from the fence…and like Kira, I figured it out the first time too.  🙂


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